Reaffirmation of SACSCOC Accreditation is required every 10 years. We are due for Re-affirmation in 2024. Steps in the timeline for UNCG’s Reaffirmation Process:

September, 2023UNCG Compliance Certificate Due
November, 2023Off Site Review Team Report
January, 2024QEP sent to On-Site Review Team
February thru April, 2024UNCG’s On-Site Review will take place
December, 2024SACS Board will Review our Accreditation and Report Out

Phases of the QEP Process

Phase I.

Topic Selection

November ’21 – May ’22

Phase II.


June ’22 – July ’23

Phase III.

(Execution and Evaluation)

Aug ’23 – Dec ’29

Phase I. Topic Selection (Vision)

Phase I (Topic Selection): November 2021 – May 2022

Phase I is a topic selection process where we identify our QEP topic vision; and it will culminate in the submission of the top 3 QEP topics for final selection by the Provost. We first collect topic ideas and themes from the campus community, which we will collect and publish (Step 1); and topic proposals will be based on selected campus themes (Step 2).

Step 1. Collect and Publish Popular QEP Themes [completed]

  • The QEP Topic Selection Committee asked the campus community to suggest broad topic directions/ideas based on the needs, culture, mission, etc… of UNCG.
  • Those suggestions were collected and grouped by broad theme.
  • After collecting suggestions from the campus community, the data suggested strong support for the first three themes before drastically falling off to more modest support.
  • The QEP Topic Selection Committee has chosen to work with the campus community to develop the three possible themes, any one of which could be developed into an impactful QEP for UNCG.
    • Theme 1. Community and Civic Engagement/Information Literacy
    • Theme 2. Holistic Well-being and Health
    • Theme 3. Diversity, Inclusion/Belonging, and Access/Equity
  • The QEP Topic Selection Committee was subdivided into three groups. These three groups are tasked with facilitating campus community discussions to get broad collaborative input on developing a QEP Topic Proposal.

Step 2. Develop QEP Topic Proposals [completed]

  • The QEP topic development teams have scheduled various meetings to work with the campus community to listen and discuss the QEP and each theme.
  • A Canvas Org has been created with Modules and Discussion Forums to explore these themes asynchronously.
  • A Topic Proposal Form is available for those who wish to develop a topic proposal independently of the committee’s process.

Step 3. Campus Topic Review and Recommended Ranking [current]

  • Completed Topic Proposal Forms will be submitted by the QEP Topic Development Teams and Individual Development groups via the QEP website no later than May 2nd at Noon.
  • The QEP Topic Selection Committee will review and prepare the proposals for Campus Review and Ranking.
  • The Campus Community will be able to Review and Rank the proposals May 4th-6th.

Final Proposals

Step 4. Topic Selection [upcoming]

  • Following the close of the Review and Ranking period, The QEP Topic Selection Committee will develop an executive summary of the proposals, including the campus rankings for the QEP Steering Committee.
  • The Topic will be selected

Elements of the Topic Selection Phase

Phase II. Design (Plan)

Phase II (Development of the QEP):  June 2022 – July 2023

QEP Proposals will be developed, submitted, and reviewed for final selection.  Guidelines, evaluation rubric, and calendar forthcoming. For an overview, see SACSCOC Handbook for Affirmation, pp. 32 – 40.

Phase III. Implementation (Execution and Evaluation)

Phase III (Implementation and maintenance):  August 2023 – December 2029

The selected QEP proposal will be implemented and evaluated. Guidelines and calendar forthcoming. For an overview, see SACSCOC Handbook for Affirmation, pp. 32 – 40.