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Welcome to “Spartans Thrive” — Your Holistic Wellbeing Journey at UNCG!

Beginning Fall 2023, UNCG introduces Spartans Thrive, a unique initiative designed to nurture not just your academic prowess, but your overall well-being. This five-year program is integral to our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), embodying our pledge to “Student Transformation for Health & Wellness.” This isn’t merely about grades; it’s about crafting a balanced, fulfilling college experience.

How Spartans Thrive Enhances Your Journey:

1. QEP Academic Health and Wellness Pathway:

College is more than a pursuit of academic achievement; it’s a journey toward comprehensive well-being. While it’s easy to prioritize studies, overlooking health and wellness can undermine your success. Our revamped Minerva’s Academic Curriculum (MAC) Foundations Course integrates a crucial health and wellness module, highlighting the eight essential dimensions of wellness. This enhancement goes beyond traditional academic skills, offering personalized goal setting for your wellness journey, backed by an array of campus resources to support these ambitions. You’re not just a student; you’re a multifaceted Spartan! Visit MAC today!

2. QEP Co-curricular Pathway: Spartan Experience – Well-Being Co-Curricular Transcript:

Immerse yourself in a well-rounded program that embraces all facets of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, career, environmental, cultural, and social. Our Spartan Experience transcends classroom learning, preparing you for personal and professional growth. With the co-curricular transcript, you’ll document your leadership roles, professional development, and community engagement, all aligned with five key competencies essential for modern student outcomes and employer expectations. This invaluable record amplifies your scholarship applications, resume, and overall skill set, positioning you for success beyond academia. The well-being Spartan Experience will provide you with life-long knowledge, skills, and awareness to strive for optimal well-being individually and in the global community. Sign up to start your Well-Being Co-curricular Transcript!

3. QEP Connections Pathway: Spartans’ First Mentoring Program:

Our innovative “Spartans’ First Mentoring Program” targets First Time in College (FTIC) students, offering a smooth transition to campus life. Through this program, you’ll be paired with a mentor who aligns with your academic path and personal interests, providing a tailored support network from day one. This connection isn’t just about academic success; it’s about enhancing your entire university experience, ensuring you thrive socially and emotionally, critical factors in student retention and overall well-being.

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Are you a new transfer student? We have Transfer2Transfer mentors specifically for you too!

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Why Wait? Dive In Now!

Your journey through college is a mosaic of experiences, and Spartans Thrive is here to ensure every piece adds value, fostering a successful, enriching educational journey. We urge all students, both undergraduate and graduate, to participate. Through Spartans Thrive, you’ll master goal setting, engage deeply with wellness resources, and significantly enhance your academic prospects.

Join us in redefining the college experience, where your wellness journey is as pivotal as your academic voyage. Together, let’s make your time at UNCG about thriving, not just surviving! Welcome to a world of comprehensive well-being. Welcome to Spartans Thrive.

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