The following answers address some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) and the theme.

What’s does QEP stand for?

“QEP” stands for “Quality Enhancement Plan.”

What’s a QEP?

It is a new plan developed by UNCG that will enhance student learning in some specific measurable way. The QEP is a key requirement for the reaffirmation of UNCG’s accreditation by SACSCOC.

What is the Purpose of Accreditation?

The main goals are to help us maintain high academic standards, foster public confidence in our academic value, and make us eligible for certain grants and federal aid programs.

What is the QEP for UNCG?

We are just at the start of the process, so our QEP has not been selected yet. When it is selected, we will have lots of information about what it is and how it will be implemented.

Why do I need to know about the QEP?

Since the QEP comes from UNCG, even if you are not involved in writing, creating, or supporting any particular proposal, SACSCOC expects everyone to understand what the QEP is and why we are doing it. The SACSCOC committee that comes to campus to review our QEP may quite literally stop anyone on the sidewalk or in the elevator and ask them questions about the QEP and expect some real familiarity.

What is SACSCOC?

SACSCOC stands for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges. It is the main organization that accredits schools and colleges in the Southern United States.

Why is the QEP Important?

The QEP is required as part of our reaffirmation process, but more importantly, this gives the UNCG community a chance to improve the future of Student Learning at UNCG.

How does the QEP Process Work?

UNCG is currently in the “Topic Selection Phase,” we are in the process of identifying the QEP topic. Once the topic has been identified, we will move into the Topic Selection Phase, and then on to the Design & Writing Phases. Once the QEP is written, it will be presented to SACSCOC for review.

Who is in Charge of the QEP?

There is a QEP Steering Committee, but the Committee does not come up with the QEP. It just organizes the process. The QEP will come from members of the UNCG through a series of proposals.

What are the parts of a QEP?

The main part is an explanation of what we want to do to enhance student learning and how the plan we come up with will work. The QEP also has to include a budget, a specific list of learning outcomes for students, a way to measure whether or not those outcomes happen, and a review of the research that has already been done on the kind of learning we are trying to enhance.

Does the QEP have to affect EVERY student?

No, but it should be extensive enough to affect a large percentage of the students over time. Some schools have chosen QEPs that focused on freshmen, or on work-study students, or made enhanced learning opportunities available for a large portion of the general student body.

Still have more questions? Please contact us at qep@uncg.edu.